Welcome to the Imperial Polk County Astronomical Society website! We are a group of amateur astronomers in Central Florida, dedicated to informing and educating the public about the art and science of astronomy. Come join us at one of our monthly “Astronomy Nights,” located at one of several state and municipal parks here in Polk County.

Upcoming Events:

  • 05
    Saturday, October 05

    10:00 am-4:00 pm
    Sun 'n Fun Campus
    4175 Medulla Rd, Lakeland, FL 33811

    Sun ‘n Fun has numerous events during the year. Although the International Fly-In  is without question, the biggest and most popular event of the year, it’s not the only one. In October, they invite families to experience the science of “aerospace Discoveries” with them with projects for the kids and learning experiences for all ages.

    But we want you to know, planes aren’t the only thing in the sky. And if you come out, we’ll let you look at the brightest object in the sky, the Sun. We’ll be there with our solar scopes so you can view our own star up close. Maybe there will be a Sunspot or two, or maybe a prominence or flare. But whatever the surface condition, We’re sure you’ll enjoy the view.

  • 18
    Friday, October 18

    6:00 pm-9:00 pm
    Bartow Friday Fest
    Main St. & E. Wilson Ave., Bartow

    The third Friday of each month, Bartow blocks off Main Street for a big block party.

    Come by the corner of Mains St. and Wilson Ave. to visit us and take a look through our telescopes at the night sky. And if you want to come a little early, we’ll probably be there with solar scopes to view the Sun.

    So, come on out to the block party and the star party.

  • 28
    Monday, October 28

    7:00 pm-9:00 pm
    Ft. Meade Public Library
    75 E Broadway St, Fort Meade, FL 33841

    We will be at the Ft. Meade, FL Public Library, to present a telescope to the library for public use. The library will be able to give basic instruction on usage and what to look for. We are hoping to have a public “Stargazing” event once a month at the library. Watch the calendar for the dates.

We “get around” to several different venues and events during the year. We hope to see you at as many of these events as you can come to. See our complete schedule for the year. click above to download. We add events throughout the year, so check back often for the most up to date info! You can also use the subscription form in the sidebar to receive the latest updates automatically.