Astroid 2018 VP1 Earth Impact?

Around mid-August, someone emailed me asking about an article about the 2018 VP1 asteroid headed toward Earth, stating that it was possible to impact Earth on November 2nd. Well, here’s the latest , as of today, September 11, 2020:

2018 VP1 is , as NASA calls it, a “small body” asteroid, measuring only about 6.5 feet in diameter, traveling at just over 6 miles per second. Since it is being tracked, the closer it gets, the more accurate its trajectory prediction will be. First, this asteroid is only 6.5 feet in diameter. The one that exploded (called a bolide) over Russia in 2013 was the size of a bus. No comparison. Be that as it may, 2018 VP1 is now on a track that will miss Earth by 1.1 Lunar distance (about 170,000 miles).

So, apparently, 2018 VP1 is nothing to be concerned about this time around. Although it is still considered a potentially hazardous asteroid, there appears to be no hazard this pass. FYI: 2018 VP1 comes around about every 2 years. So come back in 2022 for an update on this one.