Asteroid Fly-by update


ASTEROID BUZZES EARTH, HEADS FOR MOON: Newly discovered asteroid2016 RB1 flew past Earth on Sept 7th only 25,000 miles above our planet’s south pole. Because of the asteroid’s southern trajectory, it did not pass within the orbits of any communication or weather satellites–but it was close. After it buzzed Earth, the space rock turned and headed for the Moon, executing a wider flyby of 179,000 miles on Sept. 8th. Researchers say 2016 RB1 is ~50 ft in diameter, about the size of a grey whale.

Well, as thought, it missed. And by 4,000 miles more than the original guess. But it was still close. Keep track of Near Earth Asteroids on And not just asteroids; if you attended our presentation of “Space Weather, Earth Climate”, you may remember how we said cosmic rays affect our climate. Well, you can track how cosmic rays are affecting our climate on

Check it out and stay tuned for information on a probe heading for an asteroid for surface samples. Reports to follow soon.

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