Long Wave Array


Found this site thanks to Sterling N0SSC, who is doing his internship at the VLA in New Mexico right now. The LWA is a joint project by the University of New Mexico, Naval Research Laboratory, Virginia Tech, Los Alamos National Lab, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to build a high-resolution radio telescope that takes continuous observations in the 10-88 MHz frequency range.

The LWA antenna array near the VLA array in New Mexico (image credit Sterling Coffey)
Close up view of the crossed-dipole receive antennas at the LWA (image credit Sterling Coffey)

At the top of the page is a near-live view of what the telescope is seeing right now – very cool! If you scroll down to the bottom there is a calendar with links to 24hr-peroid time lapse movies of what they have observed in the past, like this one. Well worth checking out!

Live sky above the LWA1


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