MacKay Gardens

Location:MACKAY GARDENS AND LAKESIDE PRESERVE, Mackay Boulevard, Lake Alfred, FL, United States

We hold our presentation in the main room of the Mackay Estate house, which is a beautiful example of 1915 architecture, so we get to see a beautiful house as well as the wonders of the night sky. And the park is a nice place to visit before our presentation.

Upcoming events

  • 05-04-2019 7:00 pm - 05-04-2019 8:00 pm

    Mackay Garden is a wonderful place to see the wonders of nature. Hike the trails and see the birds and small animals and smell the flowers. But there's more to nature than this. What else is there to be seen? The stars and nebulae of our own Milky Way galaxy and galaxies far, far away.

    Come out and learn from an educational, informative and entertaining presentation about our universe. Want to know something? Ask questions and get our answers. Then we'll move outside with our telescopes and let you look at the universe up close.

    Remember this: We bring the universe to you.