Bok Tower Gardens

Location:1151 Tower Blvd. Lake Wales, Florida 33853

Upcoming events

  • 11-11-2019 8:00 am - 11-11-2019 1:00 pm

    In the average lifetime of most people (80 years), Mercury will cross the solar disk between Earth and the Sun and be visible from Earth 12-13 times. This coming November 11th will be one of those times. In central Florida, the transit begins around 7:34 am and ends at 1:04 pm (depending upon viewing location).  The next transit will be in November 2023, so don't miss this one.

    Of course, you can see it from almost anywhere in the US, but if you want to see it through a solar telescope, and maybe catch a solar prominence or flare, come out to Bok Tower Gardens, to the Oval Lawn and see it up close through our telescopes.