Bok Tower Gardens

Location:1151 Tower Blvd. Lake Wales, Florida 33853

Upcoming events

  • 02-02-2019 3:00 pm - 02-02-2019 9:00 pm

    Once again, Bok Tower is hosting a Dark Sky Celebration to help educate everyone on the benefits  and advantages of dark sky "approved" lighting. It's not just to keep the skies dark for astronomers; light pollution at night affects plant life, animal life, human life and health, and even our air quality and security.

    So, plan to come out and learn more about light pollution and its affects on our world. And don't forget, we'll be there with our telescopes for some solar observing before sunset and then look to the stars (and other galactic & universal) goodies after dark. Plan for it. You'll be glad you came. Come, let us bring the universe to you.

    More information can be found at Bok Tower's website: