July Astronomy Night

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07-14-2018 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Colt Creek State Park
Address: Colt Creek State Park, Lakeland, FL, United States

Many people ask us about various astronomy/astronomical terminologies. Words like Right Ascension & Declination, Celestial sphere, Celestial coordinates, Zodiac & Zodiacal light, Alt-Az, Parsec, Light Year, and Celestial pole; and the list goes on. Then there are the different types of telescopes. There are optical telescopes: refractors and reflectors. And there are different types of refractors and reflectors. Then there are telescopes which “see” in X-ray and ultra violet light. Solar telescopes use filters to “see” the Sun in varying wavelengths of light to see different aspects of the Sun.

So, what do these words mean? Well, let’s take some time to explore these. In the next coming weeks, we’ll not only define these words, but give you some educational information. Our next Astronomy Night will be at Colt Creek on July 14. As always, we start at 7:00 pm, rain or (Moon)shine. Our presentation topic is “Astronomical language”.  It will not only be educational, but it will also be entertaining. We’ll also have some free astronomy related stuff for the kids.

Don’t miss it, this is a “lead in” to our “Mars Watch” on July 28. You won’t want to miss that either.