Send Your Name to Mars

Remember when NASA was taking names to put on a chip to put on the Parker Solar Probe to send to the Sun? If you sent your name in, it has gone through the Sun’s corona two times as of this date.

Well, now they’re taking names to go to Mars. Names will be etched on a silicon chip and placed on the Mars rover, which is, as of now, planned for a possible July, 2020 launch date from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and land on Mars in February, 2021.

The opportunity to send your name to Mars comes with a souvenir boarding pass and “frequent flyer” points.

This is part of a public engagement campaign to highlight missions involved with NASA’s journey from the Moon to Mars. Miles are awarded for each “flight,” with corresponding digital mission patches available for download. More than 2 million names flew on NASA’s InSight mission to Mars, giving each “flyer” about 300 million frequent flyer miles. From now until Sept. 30, you can add your name to the list and obtain a souvenir boarding pass to Mars at: https://go.nasa.go

NASA will use Mars 2020 and other missions in preparation for human exploration of the Red Planet. Another step in that direction is returning American astronauts to the Moon in 2024. The project is a cooperation of government, industry and international partners in an effort to build
and test the systems needed for human missions to Mars and beyond. Don’t wait, be sure to get a good seat.