Looking for a Scout Leader

I have been informed that a Scout leader was asking if we could do a program with their group for the astronomy badge. My apologies for the miscommunication.  I understand that you are asking for a presentation around December 28/29. The answer is a resounding “Yes”. I am a registered badge councilor and have a PowerPoint presentation explaining what is required for the participants to earn their astronomy badge (whether Cub Scout’s patch and/or academic pin or the Boy Scout’s badge). And since part of earning the award is looking through a telescope, we will have ours there. Unfortunately, I have no contact information for the Scout leader. So, I’m hoping you will see this post and contact me through our website. Just go to the left hand side of the “Home” page, click on “Contact” and fill in the information. I will get the message and we can make arrangements.

I also heard that our Astronomy Night at Colt Creek on October 13th was a great success. I’m sorry I could not personally have been there to experience it.

Oh, by the way, let me reiterate: we do presentations/observing sessions for any group (schools, Scouts, church, birthday party, private community, etc.); you name it, we do it. Remember, “We bring the universe to you”.

Clear skies,

Keep looking up,


President, Imperial Polk Astronomical Society